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In terms of the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties (hereinafter referred to as "the Law"), we ask you to carefully read the Terms and Conditions contained in this Privacy Notice, since the Simple contribution that you make of your Personal data through the contact or sending channels to MILAGROS DE AMOR AC  Either by digital means (internet pages, social networks and email) of the different telephone representatives or promoters or collectors of MILAGROS DE AMOR AC constitutes acceptance of these Terms

and Conditions and consequently you expressly authorize us to process your personal data:

FOUNDATION MILAGROS DE AMOR AC, Hereinafter MILAGROS DE AMOR AC  is responsible for safeguarding personal data with fiscal domicile and administrative offices at José Maria Rico 509 C501 Col. Del Valle, CP03100 Mayor's Office Benito Juárez, Mexico City.  

  Terms and Conditions

  1. The purpose of this Notice is to protect your personal data, through its legitimate, controlled and informed treatment, in order to guarantee your privacy, as well as your right to informative self-determination.

  2. In accordance with article 3, section V, of the Law, Personal Data is understood to be: Any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person.

  3. Milagros de Amor AC, in accordance with the provisions of section I of article 16 of the Law, will be responsible for your personal information (Personal Data).

  4. Personal data can be obtained for treatment in an enunciative but non-limiting manner in the following ways:

    • Personally: When you go directly to us to participate in donation programs or to request information.

    • Direct: When you provide us with your personal data to receive information, register or participate in donation programs through our website, by phone, email or any other technological means. Another way in which we can collect your data is automatically through the use of tracking technologies such as cookies and / or web beacons. Obtaining this data is given by the simple use and interaction on our website and the information that is collected may consist of Internet Protocol addresses, your operating system, type of browser, information about your location (provided by mobile devices ) and the route you follow during the time you spend on our site. The data obtained with the use of these technologies will be treated for purposes, themes and donation purposes, personalize and improve the content of our website, evaluate the use of it, simplify your experience when you visit it again and / or provide you with information. Please note that some of these technologies may directly transmit your information to outside third parties. For example, the "recommend" button on Facebook transmits the information directly to this company. These tracking technologies can be disabled on all types of search engines.

    • Indirect: From any other source of information commercially available or permitted by Law.

  5. Miracles of Love AC  aims to keep its individual donors known as partners and anyone interested in the organization informed, and for this purpose it provides various services which consist of the following: Constant communication about events, monitoring of campaigns, events, activities with children , girls and adolescents, data collection for statistical purposes, sending newsletters, etc. To provide you with these services, it is necessary to process and in some cases transfer some of your personal data.

  6. By providing, sending or updating your personal data via email to the telephone representatives, promoters or collectors of Milagros de Amor AC and / or with the online submission that appears in various digital media of Milagros de Amor AC, you accept and authorize Milagros de Amor AC to use and automatically process your personal data and information provided, which will be part of our database in order to use them to: identify, locate, communicate, contact you, send you information, update our database, obtain statistics, promote the achievements, work, services, programs, products, courses and events of Milagros de Amor AC 

  7. The timing of the handling of your Personal Data will be indefinite from the date you provide it to us, being able to oppose their handling at any time it deems appropriate.

  8. Miracles of Love AC  As the person responsible for the processing of your personal data, you undertake to keep your personal data strictly confidential, as well as to maintain administrative, technical and physical security measures that protect them against any damage, loss, alteration, access or unauthorized treatment.

  9. In terms of the provisions of article 22 of the Law, you have the right at any time to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the processing of your personal data, by requesting via email addressed to Blanca Milagros Rueda Lara,  for matters related to the Database. For the purposes of Attention to donors, call 5521431438  or in writing at our address located at José María Rico 509 C501, Col. Del Valle, CP 03100 Mexico City. In compliance with article 29 of the Law, said request must contain the following information: a) Your name and address or other means to communicate the response to your request; b) The documents that prove your identity or, where appropriate, the legal representation of the person making the request on your behalf; c) The clear and precise description of the personal data with respect to which you seek to exercise any of the rights mentioned in the previous paragraph, and d) Any other element or document that facilitates the location of your personal data. If you request the rectification of personal data, you must also indicate the modifications to be made and provide the documentation that supports your request. The response to your request will be communicated to you within a period of twenty business days, counted from the date it was received, and may be extended to twenty more days in the cases established by Law; In order that, if appropriate, the measures adopted to comply with your request are carried out, which will be carried out within fifteen business days following the date on which the response is communicated.

  10. Milagros de Amor AC will occasionally modify and correct this Privacy Notice, therefore we ask you to review this notice regularly on the page notice so that you are aware of the changes and see how they may affect you.

  11. We suggest you know and analyze the content of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties. We are at your service for any clarification in this regard to the email address of Milagros de Amor AC, for matters related to the Database and / or Attention to Members at 5575878932 ext. 134, or in writing at our address located at José María Rico 509 C501, Col. Del Valle, CP 03100 Mexico City.

Personal data of minors


Milagros de Amor AC is committed to the privacy of minors and the disabled; Therefore, we do not collect or process your personal data without the express consent of your parents, guardians or legal representatives.

If you are the parent or guardian of a minor or incapacitated person who has provided us with your personal data without the corresponding consent, let us know by calling the number 5575878932 ext. 134 by sending an email to or by visiting our offices.


Intellectual Property and Website


The elements that make up the content of this Web page, identified by the domain including the trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs that appear in it, are protected by the laws on Intellectual Property.

The intellectual property rights over the contents and graphic design of this Web page belong exclusively to Milagros de Amor AC, being expressly prohibited its forwarding, transmission, modification, reproduction, distribution, commercialization or transformation without the express and written authorization of Milagros de Amor AC


The Milagros de AC logo is a patented logo under Mexican law, its reproduction is prohibited.
Consequently, except for the use for personal or private purposes, to which the user is expressly authorized, it will constitute an infringement of the intellectual property rights of Milagros de Amor AC to proceed, totally or partially, to forwarding, transmission, modification, reproduction, distribution. , commercialization and / or transformation of the contents of this website, the user incurring the corresponding responsibility. Milagros de Amor AC reserves the right to deny at any time at its discretion, and without prior notice, the access of any user to this website or to a part of it, when an improper, illicit, illegal or unauthorized content.

Milagros de Amor AC also reserves the right to publish or withdraw, in whole or in part, any information or content of the service at its sole discretion, being exonerated of any responsibility for possible damages or losses derived from interferences, interruptions, disconnections, computer viruses, overloads lines, telephone or Internet system breakdowns or other electronic systems, caused by causes beyond its control.

Milagros de Amor AC will try to keep the information contained in this website duly updated to the extent of its possibilities, being empowered to modify it without prior notice in order to correct any errors that, where appropriate, may be detected. The data referring to the products are informative. Always maintaining the basic characteristics, we reserve the right to carry out, without prior notice, technical, aesthetic or other modifications, for reasons of evolution of the products in question.

Milagros de Amor AC does NOT assume any responsibility for the veracity of content or other sources of third-party information to which users may have access through the links that appear or may appear on their Web pages.

About Legal Property and Copyright. The owner of this website and its content is Milagros de Amor AC. The transmission, transfer, sale, rental and / or public exhibition of this website is prohibited without the corresponding authorization of its owners. The information, content, sections, contests, initiatives and opinions presented on this website are to disseminate the rights of children and adolescents in Mexico, with Milagros de Amor AC being exempt from any liability arising from the lack of accuracy in said information.

Especially, Milagros de Amor AC reserves the right to eliminate, limit or prevent access to its website when technical difficulties arise due to events or circumstances beyond Milagros de Amor AC, at its discretion, reduce or cancel the security levels adopted for the proper functioning of the web.





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